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LITMUS GALLERY & STUDIOS participates in Raleigh's First Friday Art Walk held each month of the year.  In addition to having featured artists each month, Litmus studio artists also have their art on display and their studios open for touring.  Paintings, pottery, mixed media art, drawings/sketches, and sculpture are some of the art forms available for viewing and purchase each month.



 Litmus Gallery & Studios

312 West Cabarrus Street

Raleigh, NC 27601

Opening Reception: Friday, April 4, 2014 / 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Exhibit Open: Saturdays, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM & by appointment (919-571-3605 / artvision@bellsouth.net)

Exhibit Closes: April 26, 2014 / 2:00 PM

For April, two outstanding artists are being featured:


Joseph (Joe) O'Shaughnessy has created oil paintings of exceptional beauty of scenes that have caught his attention and been inspirational to him as he has traveled extensively in France and Europe.  He expresses in his works the joy of traveling and the splendor of the cities and countryside that he encounters.


Internationally acclaimed sculptor Bob Doster has been creating art for more than fifty years –from functional designs to monumental works.  Doster is the recipient of many awards, including SC’s highest honor – Elizabeth Verner O’Neill Governor Award. His works can be found in museums, galleries, corporate and private collections, and public art exhibits worldwide.  A prolific sculptor, Doster’s works have been accepted in nine National Juried Competitions and several public art exhibitions since the beginning of 2014. Find info online at www.bobdoster.com.



Litmus Gallery & Studios

312 West Cabarrus Street

Raleigh, NC 27601

Opening Reception: Friday, May 2, 2014 / 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Exhibit Open: Saturdays, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM & by appointment (919-571-3605 / artvision@bellsouth.net)

Exhibit Closes: May 31, 2014 / 2:00 PM

Lisa Waller & JoAnn Raymer are May’s featured artists:

Lisa Waller's photography chronicles travelling through South America with compelling portraits of its land and people.  JoAnn Raymer is a born and bred Mid-Westerner who moved to Cary in the Great Southern Migration of 2008.  Shortly after, she discovered a happy community of sculptors through Litmus Gallery.  When JoAnn puts her hands into a pile of clay, she's not quite certain of what or who will emerge from it.  However, if something in her body of work speaks to you or makes you smile, then that makes JoAnn happy, too- bless her heart! 





Wednesdays, April 9, 16, & 23 (6:30-9:30 pm) 

This figurative workshop is devoted to realistically sculpting the female form in clay.  Three new female models will be pose for our sculpture group.   To advance skills in rendering human anatomy nude models are used for all figurative sculpture sessions.  The theme will be a takeoff on the “Three Graces” (we would just do the torso/no arms, legs or head of three different female models).  A different model will pose on each of the dates listed.  Models will not be posing together.  The workshop fee is $65 (payment is due at the first session by cash or check/money order made out to James Fatata, sorry no credit cards).   The fee covers the use of sculpting stand, model fee, studio facility, and bisque firing of the finished sculpture.  Water-base clay will be available for purchase at the first session for $15 per twenty-five pounds bag.  The workshop is limited to eight participants and will be held at Litmus Gallery & Studios at 312 W. Cabarrus Street in downtown Raleigh.  Those wishing to attend must reserve a space in advance.  Notification will be sent to those requesting a space as to whether there is a space for them or if they are on the “wait list”.  Refunds will not be given for missed sessions.  Additional questions or to register for the workshop: artvision@bellsouth.net / 919-571-3605



The Carrack Modern Art 

111 West Parrish St • Durham, NC 27701

interface || interference

experience filtered by smartfones

Juried by Smartphone Art Show


On View April 29 - May 10

The smartphone is ubiquitous in our culture. And anything that changes us the way our smartphones have, and continue to do, demands artistic attention and exposition.

Historically, artists have used tools like the Claude Glass (also referred to as a Black Mirror), Camera Lucida and Camera Obscura to help perceive the world differently through filters, reflections, superimpositions and projections of their surroundings, as a way to inform their artistic process. The Claude Glass of today is the smartphone, which goes far beyond just filtering and reflecting an artist’s perceptions but informing and transforming our experience in reality.

The artwork selected for this show explores our relationships with our smartphones…and our relationships with other humans, when the smartphone acts as our interface or interference with them. We are exposing the smartphone’s role in our experience of intimacy, perception, emptiness, comfort, vanity, connection and disconnection, whether positive or negative.

And from this point forward we wonder, how will life with smartphones be different in a year? or two?

Before, during and after the show, we strongly encourage everyone—artists, participants, observers—to help document their experience with our show using the hashtag #INTERFF. Post a photo of someone hugging Jing Niu’s plush iPhone, retweet the truths or lies you tell to Fernanda Duarte, physically tag yourself by wearing an #INTERFF button, post a Vine of Eric Raddatz in the process of creating a new piece for his #selfies series. All of the media generated by this show, using #INTERFF, will be incorporated into a future piece for the next Smartphone Art Show.

Featuring work by: Aaron Kutnick, Ali Halperin, Carlos Alberto Torres, Chance Murray, Eric Juth, Eric Raddatz, Fernanda Duarte, Ginnie Hench, Heather Gordon, James Fatata, Jim Adams, Jing Niu, Libby Lynn, Matt Zigler, Parasol B, Saba Barnard, Sandra Elliott, Sarah Goetz, Tiny Zombie

Be sure to visit during one of these events so that you can participate in interactive artworks with the artists themselves. And please click the event links below so that you can easily invite friends.

Opening Reception Friday, May 2, 7 – 10 pm

Artist Talk Thursday, May 8, 7 – 9 pm

Closing Reception Friday, May 9, 7 – 10 pm

Be sure to visit during one of these events so that you can participate in interactive artworks with the artists themselves. And please click the event links below so that you can easily invite friends.


On View April 29 - May 10, 2014 


Opening Reception Friday, May 2, 7 - 10 pm 


Artist Talk Thursday, May 8, 7 - 9 pm


Closing Reception Friday, May 9, 7 - 10 pm



During this exhibit The Carrack is open Tuesday-Friday 12pm-5pm and Saturday 2pm-5pm, in addition to the dates and times for special events listed above.


For up-to-date information please follow the show on Facebook. http://facebook.com/SmartphoneArtShow


In order to give artists the opportunity to exhibit their work, Litmus Gallery & Studios provides a space each month for 1-4 artists to host an art exhibit.  Selected artists are to work collaboratively to share the areas available for art display, install the exhibit, help advertise the exhibit, and provide refreshments for, manage, and attend the First Friday 6-9 PM reception for the exhibit.  All works of art exhibited must be for sale.  Works must be original and committed to the show for the entire exhibition period.  Litmus Gallery & Studios reserves the right to refuse any work that is not properly presented, requires special installation, or is deemed inappropriate by the Litmus Gallery selection committee. 

Presentation Specifications: All 2D work must be completely prepared for hanging with wire.  Wire must not be frayed and must support the weight of the piece.  No “saw tooth” hangers may be used.  Maximum framed size cannot exceed 50” in any direction.  2D and 3D art cannot exceed 50 pounds.

Liability: Exhibiting artists retain ownership of all work exhibited at Litmus Gallery & Studios.  Works are exhibited at the risk of the artist.  Although the utmost care will be taken in handling all art work, Litmus Gallery & Studios will not be responsible for damage or loss from any cause.  Submitting a work of art shall imply an agreement on the part of the artist to the conditions set forth here. 

Sales: Sales will be encouraged.  Litmus Gallery & Studios will retain a commission of 30 % on all sales.  The artist is committed to the sale price placed on the art at the time of delivery.  In order to encourage sales Litmus Gallery participates in Raleigh’s GRCVB SmartCard program. A discount of 10% on one work by a featured artist is offered to each leisure visitor and convention attendee shopping at our gallery.  The 10% discount is taken out of the gallery commission and the artist still receives 70% of the sales price.

Installation of Art: Arrangements for installation of art should be made one week prior to the month that the art is to be displayed by calling (919) 571-3605 or emailing artvision@bellsouth.net.  Artists are responsible for installing their art and labeling installed art with the name of the work, size, medium and price.   

Removal: Unless sold, all artwork must remain on view until the close of the exhibition.  Unsold works should be picked up 4-7 PM on the Monday prior to the first Friday of the next month or by special arrangement.

Inventory: Exhibiting artists are to provide an inventory of all art being exhibited that includes the title of the work, dimensions, medium and price.  

Applying: Artists interested in exhibiting their work should email artvision@bellsouth.net expressing their interest, months they would be interested in exhibiting, best phone contact number, and three (3) attached photos that show examples of their work that are labeled with the title of the work, dimensions, medium, and price.

Selection: Artists selected for an exhibition at Litmus Gallery will be emailed the “Featured Artist Form” to complete.  The form can be scanned and emailed back to artvision@bellsouth.net or mailed to: Litmus Gallery & Studios, 312 W. Cabarrus St., Raleigh, NC, 27601. 



Studio Spaces: $150 - $320

Call 919-571-3605 or email artvision@bellsouth.net to check on availability.




The clay torso sculpture created is a representation of the trunk of the body.  In addition, it includes a small part of the neck but not the head, a portion of the arms above the elbow, and the legs above the knees.  A client can be sculpted in either a standing, seated, or reclining pose.  If a standing pose is selected, the completed sculpture will be approximately 12 inches in height -- ideal for displaying on a coffee or end table, bookshelf, or pedestal. 


It normally takes two 3-hour sessions, scheduled on different days, to complete the sculpture.  Occasionally, depending on the complexity of the pose, an additional session may be required.  During each 3-hour session the client will pose nude for 20 minute time intervals separated by 5-minute breaks.  Upon completion, the sculpture will be air-dried for several weeks and then bisque fired.  Once fired, a clear acrylic matte finish will be applied to seal the surface.  Felt will be placed on the base of the sculpture.  If a client is not available to pose in person, a torso sculpture can be completed using just photos.


Sculpting sessions are normally conducted during afternoons or evenings, Sunday through Thursday.  However, sessions can be scheduled at other times to fit a client’s schedule.


Sculpting sessions will be held in the artist’s studio located at 312 West Cabarrus Street in downtown Raleigh.  Litmus Art Gallery and several other studios are located in the same building.


The cost of a commissioned clay torso sculpture as described is $375.00, which is due at the completion of the sculpture.  If the completed sculpture does not meet the client’s expectations or for any other reasons the client does not wish to proceed with the purchase, the client may decline the purchase without additional financial obligation.  If the purchase is declined the completed sculpture will become the property of the sculptor.  Clients will not receive any payment for the time spent posing for the sculpture. 

*Information and prices on additional sculptural options are available upon request.


James (Jim) Fatata is an accomplished artist who specializes in figurative sculpture.  His works have been juried into numerous art shows and exhibitions.  You can see examples of his work by visiting Litmus Art Gallery and his studio at 312 W. Cabarrus St. in Raleigh, NC or by viewing his work on the web at www.litmusgallery.com or www.tristatesculptors.org.


Additional Information: Raleigh Sculpture Group / Modeling Opportunities

Resident Artists

Take a few minutes and tour the gallery by selecting any of the images below for an artist profile & information.



JoAnn Lobur


Jim Fatata

Please contact us with any comments or questions at:

Litmus Gallery & Studios  -  312 W. Cabarrus St.
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