Male Torso - stoneware or faux bronze $450.00 - H 14.5" W 13" D 6"

Male Torso – stoneware or faux bronze $450.00 – H 14.5″ W 13″ D 6″

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Commissioning a Sculpture

Torso Sculpture: The clay torso sculpture created is a representation of the trunk of the body. In addition, it includes a small part of the neck but not the head, a portion of the arms above the elbow, and the legs above the knees. A client can be sculpted in either a standing, seated, or reclining pose. If a standing pose is selected, the completed sculpture will be approximately 12 inches in height — ideal for displaying on a coffee or end table, bookshelf, or pedestal.

Process: It normally takes two 3-hour sessions, scheduled on different days, to complete the sculpture. Occasionally, depending on the complexity of the pose, an additional session may be required. During each 3-hour session the client will pose nude for 20 minute time intervals separated by 5-minute breaks. Upon completion, the sculpture will be air-dried for several weeks and then bisque fired. Once fired, a clear acrylic matte finish will be applied to seal the surface. Felt will be placed on the base of the sculpture. If a client is not available to pose in person, a torso sculpture can be completed using just photos.

Schedule: Sculpting sessions are normally conducted during afternoons or evenings, Sunday through Thursday. However, sessions can be scheduled at other times to fit a client’s schedule for commissions.

Location: Sculpting sessions will be held in the artist’s studio located at 312 West Cabarrus Street in downtown Raleigh. Litmus Art Gallery and several other studios are located in the same building.

Cost: The cost of a commissioned clay torso sculpture as described is $375.00, which is due at the completion of the sculpture. If the completed sculpture does not meet the client’s expectations or for any other reasons the client does not wish to proceed with the purchase, the client may decline the purchase without additional financial obligation. If the purchase is declined the completed sculpture will become the property of the sculptor. Clients will not receive any payment for the time spent posing for the sculpture.
*Information and prices on additional sculptural options are available upon request.

Sculptor: James (Jim) Fatata is an accomplished artist who specializes in figurative sculpture. His works have been juried into numerous art shows and exhibitions. You can see examples of his work by visiting Litmus Art Gallery and his studio at 312 W. Cabarrus St. in Raleigh, NC or by viewing his work on the web at or