Spectrum: Light, Robots & Contrast

Spectrum: Light, Robots & Contrast brings together an eclectic mixture of art from three talented artists with an exciting show that includes body painting, performance, and fine art. During the wine reception on February 5, a live body painting demonstration will begin at 6:30pm, followed by a live acoustic performance at 7:30 by Dream Emissary, a duo featuring bodypaint model Sara Bloo and her musical partner Jeremy Lewis.spectrum


Molly Chopin creates art that she feels resonates with the human tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, in particular focusing on the power of light and color to summon comfort in worlds that are real or imaginary.


Mike Slobot makes robot sculptures and paintings that come with stories on the human condition such as searching for jobs, love, or meaning, all the way to search and rescue or health and healing themes.


Daniel Laffey paints images that uses landscape and seascape as the basis for what is portrayed and his use of color is endless in the way that there is no boundary in regard to what you can see in a changing climate or area.

Come prepared to be thrilled and delighted by the variety of art on display in this exhibit.  The exhibit is February 5-25, but don’t miss the performances on opening night!

Spectrum: Light, Robots & Contrast

Wine reception: Friday, February 5, 6-9pm

Gallery hours: Thursdays, 10am to 2pm and by appointment

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